Christian Burgdorf

I began to work out at X-tra Mile Fitness as a freshman in high school, the fall of 2009. Each trainer has always supported and trained me to be the best student athlete I could be through my high school and college careers. Although the workouts and training days are strenuous, I was given tremendous support and I have always been able to see great improvement in my strength, endurance and mental toughness. In addition to being in the fitness center for training, Pat would also help me manage my diet so that I could have the best opportunity to recover after each training each day and gain muscle.  As a former member of the University of Denver Men’s Lacrosse team, I would find myself at XtraMile Fitness 4-5 times a week during the summer and winter months. I give Pat, Matt and Tom all of the credit for training me to be be in the best shape possible prior to each season and help me become a 4 year starter for a top team in Division 1 Lacrosse!