Lynda Layng,  Community Outreach Coordinator

Having just moved to Cranford almost three years ago, I quickly noticed all this activity on Centennial Avenue – X-tra Mile’s previous location. There was so much happening – tire flipping, sprints, you name it! To me – that looked like so much FUN! One day in November 2014, I decided to pull over and see what all the fuss was about and I’ve been going ever since. I met a wonderful group of people that I’ve now come to call friends.

Being the daughter of a marine, I respected Couch Tuohy’s commitment to service, his leadership and dedication to his clients. In each class, I was encouraged to be my best and push myself to achieve more. Every time I train, I leave X-tra Mile not only physically stronger but mentality stronger to handle whatever life threw my way. This makes for a fantastic recipe for healthy living.

Today I am beyond grateful to play the role of Community Outreach Coordinator for X-tra Mile and help bring this fantastic group of athletes and parents together not only to work out but to foster a community of people who give back and understand the importance of being of service to others. It’s been such a privilege to greet each new member with the same excitement and enthusiasm that was shown to me and highlight all the special things that go on in our gym.

When I’m not working out with my X-tra Mile family, you can find me in the test kitchen developing and testing recipes for cookbooks, online meal plans and vegan athletes. I also work as a private chef, cooking plant-based meals and teaching cooking classes.

Join us for a class, honor your health and experience all the fun!