Training Packages

Personal and Group Training

These training packages are for the athlete that wants privacy when they train and does not want to be grouped up with anyone. These sessions are a bit more expensive, but they allow for real 1 on 1 development.

Group Training

Group Training - 10 Sessions$500.00
Group Training - 12 Sessions in 4 weeks$350.00
Group Training - 5 Sessions$300.00
Group Training - 8 Sessions in 4 weeks$300.00

Personal Training

Personal Training - 10 sessions$700.00
Personal Training - 3 Session Trial Package$150.00
Personal Training - 3 Sessions$225.00
Personal Training - Individual One on One$80.00

Personal Training w/ Patrick Tuohy

10 Sessions - Pick Your Trainer$1,000.00
3 Sessions - Pick Your Trainer$330.00
Personal Training - Pick Your Trainer$120.00